Request Support / Pedir apoyo

Our Google form to request groceries, supplies, and other non-crisis support will be closing on Wednesday, February 10, as we redesign it. We are creating a more sustainable process within LCMA to connect community members. Please stay tuned! 

To receive or distribute material support, see the resources listed below, or our Distro Hub page.

For financial solidarity information, click here.

To connect with your neighbors, consider joining or forming a Neighborhood Pod. See here for more information.

Please see these links for low-barrier resources: Burrito Brigade food pick-up/delivery, White Bird community resources, Occupy Medical, CORE, Black Thistle Street Aid.


Nuestro formulario de Google para pedir comestibles, suministros del hogar y otras formas de apoyo no de crisis se cerrará el miércoles 10 de febrero, a medida que lo rediseñemos. Estamos creando un proceso más sostenible dentro de LCMA para conectar a los miembros de la comunidad. ¡Por favor, quédense con nosotros!

Para recibir o distribuir apoyo material, consulte los recursos que se enumeran abajo, o nuestra página de Distro Hub.

Para información de solidaridad financiera, haga clic aquí

Para conectar con sus vecinos, considere unirse o formar un colectivo vecindario. Consulte aquí para más información.

Por favor consulte estos enlaces para ver algunos recursos de baja barrera: Burrito Brigade recogida/entrega de alimentos, recursos de la comunidad de White Bird, Occupy Medical, CORE, Black Thistle Street Aid.


Distro Hub

LCMA is collaborating with multiple community organizations to provide direct material support to our housed and unhoused neighbors.

Learn more


Offer Support

To help deliver and/or coordinate supplies: Sign up here!

Community support is greatly needed to meet the financial need of our applicants for direct funds. Contribute to our DonorBox (monthly if possible!) to directly support Lane County community members:


Neighborhood Pods

Forming a neighborhood pod to organize grocery and supply delivery, share resources, and support your neighbors is one of the best ways to be resilient during the COVID-19 crisis and other disasters.

Learn more


Local 24/7 Crisis Support

White Bird Crisis Line: (541) 687-4000
WomenSpace Crisis Line: (541) 485-6513

Other emergency crisis lines