Mutual aid is an expression of community care and resilience. Thank you for your interest in contributing to the health and survival of your neighbors.

People can contribute different things at different times, and this diversity is important! If there is a type of giving you prefer, but do not see listed on this page, please use this form to contact us so we can help facilitate your investment in our collective well-being.


Financial Giving

NAACP/LCMA Mutual Aid Financial Assistance Fund – direct financial support to Lane County residents, with a heavy priority on BIPOC households with elderly or youth dependents.

CORE, Black Thistle Street Aid, & Occupy Medical provide vital services to our houseless neighbors.

Eugene bail fund – crowd-funded bail payments to facilitate the release of protesters in Eugene and Springfield, prioritizing BIPOC and trans detainees.

Fund for Imprisoned Firefighters – fundraiser by Critical Resistance to support Oregon prisoners fighting wildfires.


Material Support

Distro Hub – collaborative supply distribution to provide hygiene products, household items and other supplies to families and individuals in need.


Volunteer with LCMA

LCMA runs off of people power! Here are ways you can contribute your time and energy to this effort: