Anyone can be involved in a team or project without a role detailed below. Engagement of all interested persons makes us a stronger group, and we aim to make it easy to get involved in whatever capacity an individual has. In our experience, these defined roles keep us on track to do the work we say we’ll do. This is a living document that may change over time to express the current capacity and need of the group.


Each team/project has a convener who is responsible for scheduling the meetings, inviting people to attend, starting an agenda, and generally just making sure the team meets and does things. This is not a role of positional authority, rather one of collective accountability. Facilitating and notetaking are not responsibilities of the convener, but the convener may take on either of these roles (see below for Roles within Meetings).The convener role can rotate as the team sees fit.

Team/Project Conveners – Each team/project has a convener who ensures that the team meets and fulfills its purpose: Schedules meetings, invites people to attend, starts agendas, etc. Teams/projects with conveners include:

  • Facilitation Team (see LCMA Co-Conveners)
  • Aid Coordination Team
  • Work Parties (weekly meetings to address incoming requests for support)
  • Volunteer Outreach
  • Neighborhood Networks
  • Lane County Hunger Strike Support

LCMA Co-Conveners – Overall ensures the daily tasks of the full collective are done: Convenes general meetings and Facilitation Team meetings, sends reminder emails/slack posts, replies to the general contact email, maintains email lists, and other little things that help create consistency. Role to be fulfilled by two people. Works with the Facilitation Team.


Bottomliners ensure the completion of overarching LCMA tasks. The role can be fulfilled by 1-3 people. The teams responsible for filling roles will benefit to check in with bottomliners at each team meeting. Ideally, roles will be filled by one person with experience in the role, and one person learning the role.

Social Media Bottomliner – Role is filled by Facilitation Team. Bottomliner regularly updates social media with updates, calls to action, crowdfunding requests, etc.; communicates with teams/projects to ensure timely and accurate posts; assists teams/projects with creating content as needed; responds to direct messages. Not solely responsible for creating content and messaging.

Translation/Interpretation Bottomliner – Role is filled by Facilitation Team. Bottomliner collaborates with bilingual volunteers and team/projects to ensure that LCMA outreach and public-facing information is available in Spanish, and other languages as may be requested; monitors Spanish Request Support and Offer Support forms with bilingual volunteers to ensure timely and accurate communication; facilitates additional communication between LCMA and non-English speaking individuals and groups. Not solely responsible for translation or interpretation.

Request Line Bottomliner – Role is filled by Aid Coordination Team. Bottomliner monitors incoming calls, text and voice messages; fills in line for requests on Request Support form, and non-request related calls to appropriate team/project; collaborates with Translation/Interpretation Bottomliner for Spanish language requests; keeps Request Line  greeting up to date.

Neighborhood Pods Bottomliner – Role is filled by Neighborhood Networks Team. Bottomliner is point of contact for existing Neighborhood Point People, offers resources, support and guidance in forming and sustaining Neighborhood Pods

Community Outreach Bottomliner – Role is filled by Volunteer Outreach Team. Bottomliner is point of contact with community partners and other mutual aid groups. Provides updates to teams with pertinent information from the broader community, helps build collaborations on projects as appropriate.

Roles within Meetings

These roles can rotate out each meeting. Responsibility for these roles is ideally shared among the group.

Facilitator – Keeps the meeting on track, keeps stack, monitors time, helps the group reach decisions, and attends to the needs of the group in the meeting setting. See more in the Neighborhood Anarchist Collective Facilitation Guide.

Notetaker – Maintains ongoing notes during the meeting in the agenda document, synthesizes main points and discussion items, creates list of next steps to be reviewed at the end of the meeting, posts next steps and individual responsible to Slack or otherwise notifies individuals of actionable items, transfers notes from agenda to notes document per team/project.